Building & maintaining successful global relationships

Who We Are

We have helped companies and individuals all over the world understand US business, expectations, and behaviors. Our expertise is in intercultural training and management consulting—helping organizations create a diverse workforce that is empowered to succeed by fully understanding US culture.

We use our knowledge to help clients get the cultural support and advice they need. We believe in building trusting, enduring relationships so that clients will come back for more when their needs change or if there’s a new upcoming project. We know that ongoing training, advice, and management are necessary to maintain a healthy bottom line.

How We Work


Bridge Intercultural assists companies with cultural adjustment during US expansion and relocation. We partner closely with our clients to provide unparalleled service, allowing employees to focus on their job instead of being distracted or diverted from work because they don’t know or understand American behaviors and expectations.


We have a transparent and collaborative approach to working with clients. We seamlessly integrate into a company’s daily operations while addressing cultural gaps and concerns that may arise. We work together with clients on long-term, goals over an agreed-upon timeline. We work with clients to create clear, actionable solutions to combat future challenges in employee, management, and business success.


Send us a message and let’s discuss how Bridge Intercultural Consulting can help your company succeed and thrive in the US market!